Nailsworth Natural Health Centre is proud to be working with the following carefully selected, experienced therapists... 
Classical Manipulation 
Bowen Therapy 
Shiatsu, Acupressure Massage, Deep Tissue and Soul Retrieval Practitioner 
Cranial Osteopathy 
Therapeutic Massage 
Clinical Aromatherapy 
Pregnancy Massage 
Allergy Therapy 
Nutritional Balancing 
Classical Homœopathy 
Mindfulness Teacher 
Solution-focused Hypnotherapy 
Mind Coaching 
Burn-out Recovery 
Overcoming Addictive Tendencies 
Tailored Self-Hypnosis Recordings 
Rosen Method Bodywork (Intern) 
Therapeutic Massage 
Healing and Cranial Therapy  
Nutritional Therapy 
Medical Herbalism 
McTimoney Therapy 
Applied Shiatsu Techniques 
Solution-focused Hypnotherapy 
Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy 
Mind Mediation 
3 Principles Coaching 
Relationship Coaching 
Physical & Emotional Pain Release 
'Rise Up & Shine' (for Individuals & Groups) 
Innate Health 
Please note: Each therapist is responsible for the content of his or her page on this website, and is governed by the codes of practice of his or her respective professional organisations. 
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