Welcome to Nailsworth Natural Health Centre 
Director - Yossi Steinberg, BSc (chiro) 
We have carefully selected top quality practitioners for each therapy that we offer. A wide variety of treatments are available, including homeopathy, acupuncture, various manual therapies, massage and many more 

Some of the therapies, advice and guidance we offer include... 

Diabetes Advice 
Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain Relief 
How to stop smoking 
Dealing with phobias 
How to lose weight safely 
Dealing with anxiety and stress 
Pregnancy support 
Coping with allergies and intolerances 
Nutrition and lifestyle guidance 
Acute and chronic injury rehabilitation 
All our treatments are truly personalised, individual, tailored, bespoke, unique. 
Because so are you! 
Our treatments are custom-designed to fit into your life, being a fundamentally different approach to conventional medicine. 
All our practitioners offer free short consultations and you are welcome to meet any of them before you book a treatment. The clinic welcomes children, with play areas and toys in reception and in consultation rooms. 
We always focus on providing preventative medicine wherever possible, as a way of maintaining good health. 


What We Do 
Our carefully selected, specialist therapists provide a wide range of treatments to help you achieve your natural harmony and balance. 
Please see a summary of the treatments we provide at the centre and which of our therapists offer them. 
Advice & Guidance 
Please see a summary of the advice and guidance we provide at the centre and which of our therapists offer them. 
About Us 
We carefully select our practitioners, aiming to build a team of dedicated professionals with outstanding levels of competence. 
Our Therapists 
Our 15 experienced therapists offer over 25 different treatments, as well as advice and guidance on dealing with such things as diabetes, acute and chronic injury, how to stop smoking, how to lose weight and feel less bloated, and how to improve your general health with the most suitable diet and lifestyle. 
Our Ethos 
We are a centre for alternative therapists which has been operating for over 25 years with the sole aim of offering the very best in holistic and complementary healthcare to residents of the Stroud valleys and the surrounding area. 
Natural Harmony and Balanc
Although the available therapies we offer differ considerably in their approach, they all view the practice of complementary medicine as helping each individual to achieve their natural harmony and balance, which can in turn help to make them less susceptible to disease, and more able to restore wellbeing after illness or injury. 
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