Jo Hofman 
B.Ed (hons), MRSS, ATNB (registered) 
Shiatsu Practitioner, 
Allergy Therapy & Nutritional Balancing 
My Specialities 
Allergy Therapy & Nutritional Balancing 
My Story 
I have practiced Healing Shiatsu for 30 years and I remain passionate about it as a powerful and effective tool for health and an increased sense of wellbeing. I am eager to empower people to take an active role in their recovery. 
Shiatsu is a type of bodywork that aims to stimulate the body back to a healthy balance through acupressure techniques and life style changes. Shiatsu, like Acupuncture, has its roots in Ancient Chinese medicine and works with the whole person and their unique response to their environment both physically and mentally. 
My first step is to do a diagnosis through listening to the story told and then by performing a Hara Diagnosis with my hands. I work with a system called the Five Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Wood and Metal. Each element has channels of energy that can get out of balance and then need restoring back to equilibrium. 
The simple but powerful experience of Shiatsu awakens the body's own self-healing power by nourishing and rebalancing the energy and strengthening the immune system. 
A session is experienced fully clothed and takes place on a futon on the floor. It incorporates deeply nourishing acupressure with gentle stretches, and releasing and relaxing techniques using the palms, fingers and thumbs. 
I give Shiatsu during pregnancy to prepare for birth, and I enjoy working with mothers and babies in order to rebalance and nourish after the effects of birth. Children and young people respond well to having Shiatsu as a support on both an emotional and physical level. 
In the past I was a teacher, so I have been interested to discover how much Shiatsu has helped children with learning difficulties and behavioural issues. 
To learn more about Shiatsu, please visit the UK Shiatsu Society's website: 
Allergy Testing and Nutritional Balancing is a simple safe procedure using muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to test for food sensitivities. The procedure is to look at foods first, to heal the digestive system by eliminating those challenging foods and by giving supplements to improve the biochemistry of the environment and also repair the structure of the gut. 
Healing the gut can have a huge knock on effect on the health of the whole body. However other organs and functions for example the liver or kidneys may need additional support. 
Any environmental or emotional factors that may be challenging the system need to be considered and addressed in a variety of ways. I draw on my experience of nutrition, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine to look deeply into the underlying causes of illness and their remedies in order to understand your individual health requirements. 
At the end of the session you will leave supported by a plan of action to deal with your health issues nutritionally, and an understanding of why your body will benefit from this approach. 
How does food affect us? 
Thousands of years ago practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine observed that food had a major effect on health. Some foods make one person thrive, the same food may cause another to struggle and even eventually cause chronic illness. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Add to this that so much food is highly processed and has been changed greatly from its original form - some digestive systems seem to cope with these changes while others cannot. At some point our gut may tire of dealing with the challenging foodstuffs we have given it, and it’s a bit of a shock when there’s a sudden reaction in the form of symptoms. 
The culprit may be ‘hidden allergies’ discovered by Dr Herbert Rinkel and supported by the findings of the researcher Hans Selye with his Adaptation Syndrome Research. They found that the body copes as best it can with a food it is struggling to digest, and all seems well because our body is doing a very good job in disguising the fact that there’s a problem (it adapts). However this puts more of a strain on the immune system and can in turn effect the functioning of the liver and other organs. Eventually the on-going stress to the system along with other stresses proves too great and the reaction is illness. 
Dr Rinkel realised that symptoms were a warning sign that something was wrong. Therefore it is important if you have symptoms that you check whether any foods or substances in your environment are challenging your system. Allergy therapy and nutritional balancing is a very safe, non-invasive and effective way of finding out what your body needs to be in optimum health. 
I also run a local Gluten Free Support Group for people in the Nailsworth area who are Coeliac, gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant or just want to follow a gluten free diet for improved wellbeing. 
My Qualifications 
Diploma in Healing Shiatsu 
Healing Shiatsu Education Centre, Sonia Moriceau 1989 
Registered member of Shiatsu Society (MRSS) 
Diploma in Allergy Therapy and Nutritional Balancing (with distinction) 
Nutrition and Naturopathy, Nutritional Healing Foundation (2 year course) 
Thai Massage certificate (Sunshine School of Thai massage, Chiang Mai) 
Watsu I, II, III (Shiatsu in water) 
My Hours & Pricing 
I am available for appointments at the Nailsworth Natural Health Centre on Wednesdays from 9.30am-1pm. (other days and times available at home) 
My prices are as follows: 
First Appointment - 2 hours: £90 (diagnostic) 
Follow ups - 1 hour: £50 (or 1½ hrs: £75) 
Mother & Baby combined session - 1 hour: £50 
Children - First Appointment - 2hrs: £85 
Children Follow ups - 1 hour: £45, ½ hour: £30, 1½ hours: £70 
ALLERGY THERAPY SPECIAL OFFER : £135 (Children's discount : £125) 
This covers your first appointment (2 hours) + a 1 hour follow-up appointment. To be paid at first appointment. 
If you would like to book an appointment, please call the clinic. I am not avaible for online bookings. 
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