Caroline Sheldrick

Wednesday am (other times by arrangement)

  • First Appointment: 1½ hrs £65
  • Follow ups: 1 hr £48
  • Pregnancy massage: £60

Beatrice Jackson

BSc BTEC (level 5) CThA CNHC

Deep tissue massage is a very effective and profoundly relaxing treatment. Slow effleurage (long strokes) and petrissage (kneading) are used to break down tensions in several layers of muscle, and in the connective tissue that surrounds them. The muscles are smoothed out and you will leave feeling freer and more supple, as well as soothed in yourself.

Remedial massage uses deep tissue massage and more specific techniques to address and prevent problem areas in the muscles and soft tissues. This may be used throughout the body or concentrated in areas of concern. For example, when clients have come to me with plantar fasciitis I have started by concentrating purely on their feet and lower legs, and in further treatments have progressed to treating other areas such as the hamstrings and gluteal muscles and then the back. If a client has a painful neck or shoulder I will treat the whole upper body with extra focus on the area of discomfort or concern. Because I use slow techniques, my treatments are comfortable to receive and are overall a very relaxing experience.

Sports massage is essentially remedial massage applied to the active client’s needs, to help with preparation for and recovery from activity. As with remedial massage, its most valuable role is in prevention rather than ‘cure’. Some people associate sports massage with being particularly hard and painful, but I do not follow the no-pain-no-gain approach!

Pregnancy massage is a gentle treatment which provides relief for pain in the back and other muscles and joints, and helps reduce swelling in the feet and ankles. As well as its physical benefits, it can also provide much-needed emotional support during pregnancy.

Over the last five years I have worked with a large range of clients and have a particular interest in treating musicians. My approach is gentle but my range of skills allows me to vary this according to each individual client’s needs. I love the variety my job brings, the opportu­nity to meet new people each day and the ability to form longer term therapeutic relationships. My regular clients have included guitarists, gardeners, office workers with postural problems and headaches, retirees with osteoarthritis and triathletes in training for Iron Man.

After my initial years as a McTimoney Chiropractor, I began training in Sports and Remedial Massage in order to build further skills into my practice. As I started to gain more massage experience, I realised that this was where my passion lay. I started to offer massage as a standalone treatment and after some time decided to focus entirely on massage therapy and have not looked back. I find it extremely rewarding and worthwhile work. I continue to attend training in various fields of bodywork and specialisms. When not practising I enjoy yoga, some very amateur sewing and exploring the hills and valleys of the lovely Stroud area.



BTEC level 5 Sports and Remedial Massage - LSSM 2013

Pregnancy Massage certification - Cotswold Academy 2016

Member of the Complementary Therapists Association

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council


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